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Feature Articles Noticings Chart

Page history last edited by Sarah Stephanoff 13 years, 7 months ago

From our class independent reading immersion and close study of chosen Feature Article texts we've created this noticings chart of the feature article genre.


Feature Articles Noticings Chart 


By Heather Yordy:

During the immersion time, I had each student do noticings for 2 articles.  During close study, we discussed several of the articles and below are several things that we noticed:

  • Short, concise information in the text
  • Pictures
  • Graphs
  • Important details (hours of operation for businesses, etc.)
  • Prices
  • Catchy titles - lots of color
  • Websites or other important contact information
  • Headings to divide the article
  • Different font styles to attract attention to various parts of the article - eye-catching
  • Divided into sections - easy to read or find important information


Below is the Noticing Chart that I had the students fill out:

Feature Article Noticing Handout.docx


Below are two scanned charts to show samples:

Yordy Sample Noticings 1.pdf

Yordy Sample Noticings 2.pdf


By Sarah Stephanoff (re-typed from classroom chart)


- title – can go across divider in the middle to span two pages

- subheadings (can have or not have them)

- article spans across two pages side by side

- (right), (above) – author uses these to tell what photo he/she is talking about

- lots of photographs

- writing written in columns

- boxes that say things like “fast facts” (these are usually on the side or bottom of a page)

- colored or interesting background

- contain interesting facts

- can be funny

- author’s name goes right above where the article starts

- text can be in different colors

- pronunciation guide can follow word that is difficult to say






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