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List Articles Inspired Writing

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This page is designed to share the list article pieces we have written in class as a result of our list article unit of study.  Our course text, Units of Study is based on the underlying framework that what we write should be inspired by what we read. From immersing ourselves in a variety of well-written literalist articles and spending time in close study noticing author's craft, we have each tried our hands at writing our own list articles pieces.  Please post yours here and specifically address "What have you read that is like what you are trying to write?"  In other words, let us know your mentor text(s) and any author's craft you were intentional about implementing.   *Please add your first and last name and the title and author of your text with your post. 


Sibling Rivalry and Double Trouble:  Having a sibling at school can have its ups and downs.

Written by Dawn Johnson Mitchell, Fall 1996


Imagine that the same day you were born, someone else was born right along with you, and has been right along with you ever since.  Or imagine sharing part of your high school experience with your brother or sister.  Does this conjure up a smile or does it make you cringe?  Well, some sets of twins and siblings here at Byrnes say both.  Here are the pros and cons of having siblings at school.

Pros:  Having a brother or sister at school with you can be very beneficial. 

1.)  They can lend you lunch money.

2.)  They can give you a ride to school.

3.)  They can help you with your homework.

4.)  They can take up for you when you're in trouble.

"Being in high school with my sister is fun and we are in the same grade so we do mostly the same th ings, and we help each other out,"  said twin Amy Fowler.

Cons:  However, having a sibling at school can also have it's downside.

1.)  They may insist on following you around.

2.)  They may try to mimic your every move from the clothes you wear to your facial expressions.

3.)  They could have left some big shoes to fill or a bad reputation you'll never live down.

4.)  They may cramp your style or be a witness you don't want.

"When I played football last year the coaches would always get mine and Brad's names mixed up, and all of my teachers assume that I am just as smart as Brad," said John Martin.

Having a twin at school can also be an experience, especially if you are identical.  Twins have a special bond that most people, even siblings, don't share.  It can be very special and comforting to have someone around that has been with you every day of your life.  As an identical twin, you can get away with a lot of crazy stunts.

"I remember the day Amy and I switched classes.  It was the second day of our sophomore year.  We were scared to do it at first, but it just happened.  I walked into her class and although our friends in class knew we had switched, the teacher never suspected anything," said Jami Fowler.

"In the tenth grade Joshua and I got busted together while were were smoking in the bottom parking lot.  We had to go home and explain to our parents what had happened.  It was easier to tell them knowing someone else was in trouble too, " said Jacob Addington.

Despite the ups and downs of having a brother or sister at school, most siblings agree that it is worth it. 

"The first day of my freshman year was hard, but I think it was much easeir to walk t hrough the doors knowing someone was with you, " said Dave Hisker.


List Article.doc

Crystal Weathers

I had trouble copying and pasting. all of the article did not get in, so I did it as an attachment.


M  M Teen Magazine was my mentor text.


List Article by Cathy Rode's 6th Grade Class


I introduced my students to our assignment and asked them to look at several magazines and help me to create a noticing chart on articles that were about the top 10 lists of something.  They brainstorm things that I could use to help me create a list article that teens would be interested in.  After having them immerse themselves in many magazines, they help list things that I could possible use that would be in the same format, just on a subject that they would be interested in.  We took a vote on the top 10 ideas that were accumulated during this short study.  The top idea was to create a list article based on what the new "in sayings" were in their 6th grade in general.  The class then wrote down their top 10 sayings in each of my classes.  The following is the top 10 sayings that my class came up with.


Top 10 Sayings of Cathy Rode's 6th Graders at Inman Intermediate

           RCUS (Rode's Class Unusual Sayings)


  1. Just Sayin......
  2. I'm good like that!
  3. What's up country bo!
  4. DUDE
  5. OMG!
  6. What's your number?
  7. IDK...I don't know
  8. Are you stupid or what?
  9. Oh.....REALLY
  10. Can I copy your homework?


I am going to use this on Monday to show them what my list article looks like finalized.  Then I am going to let them try to create a list article on their own during free-write.  They can choose to create a list article or create a list of ideas of what to create a list about.  I look forward to see what they come up with.  They were so excited to be helping me with my homework. 


List Article by Kimberly Barnette

I started off by having my students complete noticing charts on several different types of top 10 lists.  Anything from magazines to David Letterman’s Top 10.  After looking at several examples I told them that we are going to create one together as a class for the unit of industrialization.  Then they were to use this example to create their own for their current unit as a review.


Have you ever thought what it would be like if factories or machines ever came around.  Have you ever thought what it was like for the people that lived during that time?  Have you ever thought about the social changes that came with this industrial change?  We have come up with a top ten list of all the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things that went with this great invention.


Top 10 Reasons why Industrialization is a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Thing


  1. Child Labor
  2. Pollution
  3. Left homes to move into crowded cities
  4. Less family time due to long hours in the factories
  5. Work conditions  with safety hazards
  6. More work with less money
  7. Monopolize supply and demand
  8. Sanitation problems in the cities
  9. Increase in crime rate
  10. Women working out of homes 


5 L’s to Life                                

Amber McDonald



Live life each day as it is your last. That is easy to say and each day I don’t follow my own advice, but I have to realize that I am not promised tomorrow so I have to live NOW. Do something today that you might not have thought was possible.



Stop and look. Take time to absorb what you have been given.


      Let Go:

Allow the past to become the past and Let it Go!



Take each day as a lesson. If you haven’t learned anything from what happened; then it was a mistake. Learning from it makes it NOT a mistake.



Take the time to listen; for you may need an ear one day also.


I have to be honest. This particular writing wasn't written because of an inspired piece I read but just as a release during hard times. I think so times when you are down and out; at least for me; some of the best writing comes. It allows for reflection time and what truly matters. Just one of those that you get out quickly and then sit and reflect on what advice you have just told others...when it reality it is for you!




How to Help Your First Grade by Cammie Price

*This could be found in a parent magazine. I changed the font color like articles I have read in Good Housekeeping. I kept each section short for a quick read for parents on the go. During the first few weeks of school, we have a parent information night. I think going through this would be helpful for each parent. 



Top 5 Ways to Help Your First Grader


1. Read daily.  Students need to read daily between 10 and 20 minutes. Have a quiet time set each day for this. Ask your child what they are reading about and have he/she retell the story. Students also need to see their parents reading. On extremely busy days, switch reading aloud between parent and child, each reading one page. Take children to special places to read on occasion, such as the library and Barnes and Noble.


2. Be involved in your child’s education.  Ask your child what they learned each day and have child tell you at least 1 new thing. Set aside homework time each afternoon for students to complete their homework and parents check over it. Ask comprehension questions while student is reading. Have students practice reading, writing, and saying each spelling word. Practice math facts using flashcards. Sign homework folder acknowledging that you have read important notes, signed papers, and student’s homework is complete.


3. Make sure student gets plenty of sleep and a healthy breakfast.   Young students need at least 8 hours of sleep each evening before coming to school.  Students also need to have a healthy breakfast that will last them for 4 hours before going to lunch. Students will be able to think and perform better when their physical needs are met.


4. Set high expectations.  Help students set goals for themselves, including both personal goals and academic goals. First graders like to please and will put for effort to meet goals. Praise students when they have done something positive.


5. Let them be a child. After homework time is complete, which should take no more than 30 minutes, have child go outside and get fresh air. Students need to play with brothers and sisters and other neighborhood children. Encourage them to make up games to play.  Computer time and video games are okay in moderation, but students also need to play outside with their peers. Have students involved in extra curricular activities where they will be with other school friends.



Lindsay Blanton's List Article.  After studying and having some reading immersion time with list articles, I realized I read them all the time.  I love reading magazines and list articles always grab my attention, I just didn't realize it.  I'm a big fan of Parent magazines and all the ways I can become a better parent, but over the weekend I found a book, I Hate Clemson: 303 Reasons Why You Should, Too by Paul Finebalm and I've seen several emails and articles before about why you should be a football fan in the south, how Clemson is so great and why you should or shouldn't be a Clemson fan.  Well, I am a Clemson fan, so I had to write my own and try to add the author's crafts I've seen in other articles: humor, bold heading, details, number lists.  So, here is my list article. 


Clemson Football

10 Reasons Why You Should Be a Tiger Fan!


I was born and raised a Tiger Fan.  When people say their blood runneth orange, this saying applied to my family.  I really didn’t know any difference or that I could even pull for another team when I was growing up.  I look back now at baby pictures and I’ll see myself dressed in orange or sitting on tiger paw blanket and my memories always take me back to football games and meeting the players during Fan Appreciation Day.  I can remember my dad jokingly saying, “if she wants us to pay for college she’ll have to attend Clemson University.”  I thought this was funny, but I really think my dad was serious.  As a high school senior, when it came time to apply for colleges I did what any tiger fan would do and sent an application to Clemson.  It was the ONLY college I applied to and I’m not kidding.  I’m not really sure what I would have done if I didn’t get in, but that’s another story.  I waited nervously until I received an acceptance letter the day of the Clemson/Carolina Game in 1997.  It was the greatest day of my life, but I do think Clemson lost that year.  Oh well, I would be attending soon enough and nothing else mattered.  I attended Clemson University and I’m sure it made my dad so proud.  I loved it and stayed an extra year to receive my masters’ degree.  It’s a place you just don’t want to leave once you are there.

            This past weekend was the Spring Game and my dad who played for the Tigers had an alumni weekend and got us all so pumped up about Clemson.  He played in a flag football game for alumni players before the Spring Game and ran down the hill and everything.  He loved it and talked about it so much that it got me thinking about Clemson, Clemson football and how everyone should be a Tiger Fan.  I don’t know why there would be any doubt!  So, I’ve noted 10 highlights that make me get that blood running orange about Clemson football! 


  1. Saturdays in the Fall – Football season is such a great time of the year.  The football schedule comes out and everyone is ready for all the home football games.  Block your calendar off because your plans are already set!  Football games every Saturday.  On the away games, you can travel to see the Tigers or plan a party to watch it on t.v.  

 2. Tailgating – Whether the football game begins at Noon or 7:30 pm tailgating are around throughout the day maybe even the night before.  It is a classic tradition hanging out with friends and family and munching on pick-up food.  Some tailgates are literally out of the tailgate of a pick-up truck and some are as fancy as setting up a table with a tent with a big spread of food.  Chicken, chips, cookies, drinks.  Anything you could want and your tummy won’t be hungry during the game and you may even return to the tailgate before the game is over if you even go in at all. 


 3. The Rock – Clemson’s Most Symbolic Artifact.  Coach Frank Howard, Clemson’s first football coach brought the rock from Death Valley, CA and it sits upon a platform for all to see.  Players and Coaches rub the rock as they go down the hill for good luck.  Clemson’s Stadium is called Death Valley and Coach Frank Howard Field.  He is a legend and The Rock is part of Clemson's traditions. 


 4. The Hill – The Most Exciting 25 Seconds in College Football!  The Rock sits on The Hill that the coaches and players run down before every home football game.  Buses bring the players and coaches to the top of the hill and while everyone is getting off the buses, the band is playing, orange balloons are released into the sky, a cannon goes off and BOOM everyone runs down the hill!  EXCITEMENT!!!!!  There is a sea of orange and white and the crowd is ready for kick-off!


 5. Orange/White – The colors that represent Clemson are orange and white and purple.  During a football game and stands are filled with these colors and the fans always look forward to see which way the players will wear these colors.  It is so neat to see the sea of orange and white during a football game.  You know you are supporting your team if you are wearing orange and many people wear orange to work on Fridays to show their team spirit. 


 6. One Word – Dabo!  Dabo Swinney, Clemson’s head coach.  He’ll be beginning his second full season and he is full of enthusiasm for Clemson and his players.  He loves the fans and lets them know it.  He is so SWEET and just a cutey!


 7. Bowl Games – Taking a trip during the holidays will usually have you at a Clemson football game.  Clemson is usually in a bowl game every year and when it is announced at the end of the season fans can’t wait to see how and where they will spend their holidays.  To see the Tiger Fans travel is so much fun! 


 8. West End Zone – The newest addition to the Clemson Football Stadium.  This project has been in the works for years and it is a beautiful brick facility that houses the football coaches and their offices. 


 9. Tiger Rag – The Song that Shakes the Southland!  Clemson’s fight song is Tiger Rag and when the band plays it during the game you can’t help but clap and cheer.  It has you jumping up and down and spelling out

C-L-E-M-S-O-N!!  During halftime the band always ends with Tiger Rag and just before they play it the announcer comes on and tells everyone to get on their feet and get ready for the Song that Shakes the Southland!!!  WOW!  What a feeling! 


 10. The Tiger – Clemson’s Mascot is The Tiger!  A football game wouldn’t be right without The Tiger running around and routing for Clemson!  The Tiger makes all kinds of appearances, but is always on the field for football games.  The Tiger Cub is a new edition to the Clemson Mascot world and he acts as a side-kick and helps to cheer on the crowd.  The Tiger has a tradition of doing push-ups every time Clemson scores.  Fans can see the cheerleaders lift him on a platform and count out the score as The Tiger does push-ups!


Are you ready to be a Tiger Fan!!??  If you already are, I’m hoping you are excited as I am about this upcoming season and proud to cheer for such a great university! 

Go Tigers! 


 April Camp's List Article

 list article.docx


5 Critical Components of Your Walk by Heather Yordy


Why is it that more often than not, truly wonderful people toss and turn in their daily lives?  They hunger and search for something to satisfy.  Much like with Paul as he wrote about his struggles in the seventh chapter of Romans, so often we find ourselves struggling to do what is right.  Read Paul’s words:


“I don’t really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don’t do it. Instead, I do what I hate. But if I know that what I am doing is wrong, this shows that I agree that the law is good. So I am not the one doing wrong; it is sin living in me that does it.” (Romans 7:15-17 – New Living Translation).


So the question is, how do we fight against this power within us that makes us toss and turn?  Paul responds to his struggle in the eighth chapter of Romans when he said:


“Those who are dominated by the sinful nature think about sinful things, but those who are controlled by the Holy Spirit think about things that please the Spirit. So letting your sinful nature control your mind leads to death. But letting the Spirit control your mind leads to life and peace.” (Romans 8:5-6 – NLT).


There are two key words in that passage – think and control.  Paul acknowledged that a large part of his struggle was due to focus.  The things we focus on ultimately control us.  So here are some things we can do to keep our minds focused on the good we ought to do:

  1. Prayer – Prayer is our connection to the Lord.  Rather than thinking on and fretting about all of the circumstances in life, turn them into prayers.



  2. Consistent Study – The only way to be able to do the good we are to do Is by reading the instruction manual!  If we are not reading the instructions and applying them to our lives, how are we to make any progress?



  3. Daily Reminders – While in-depth study is critical, having little reminder s throughout the day can help keep our minds focused on the right things.  Utilize an alarm on your watch, cell phone or PDA that goes off every so often to remind you to say a little prayer .  Place post-it notes with Scripture on your desk or in your desk drawer for little reminders.



  4. Corporate Worship  – Hebrews 10:25 says,  “And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.”  This road was not meant to be walked alone!
  5. Doing Good – Focusing on others needs and taking action will keep us on track.  James 1:25 says, “But if you look carefully into the perfect law that sets you free, and if you do what it says and don’t forget what you heard, then God will bless you for doing it.”


Keeping our focus on the good will help us to do the good.  It’s encouraging to know that even Paul struggled.  To fight this battle we must be armed and ready!  Arm yourself with prayer, Scripture, other believers!



Sarah Stephanoff

My mentor texts were list articles that were set up to have an introduction followed by the list part and then a conclusion. I also wanted to cite experts like some list articles do.



Mine Hurts Too - Top 5 replies teachers give to students who want to go to the nurse


As a teacher, you are bombarded umpteen times per day by students feigning an illness and asking to go to the nurse. Not wanting to get on the nurse’s bad side by sending her 98987 children, nor wanting students to miss the flipchart you spent hours creating, you must be prepared to deflect students’ constant requests. If you are running out of excuses or tired of using the same one over and over again, try some of these expert-recommended lines to keep students on their toes.


#1 “Mine hurts too.”

5th grade teacher, Shameera Punjani, always uses this reply with her students. Students may complain of their stomach, head, arm, foot, or eye hurting and Punjani simply retorts, “Mine does too.” “Students are usually left speechless by this line and have no choice but to return to their desks,” Punjani stated.


#2 “Go get some special healing lotion.”

Jergens sells a lotion with a label entitled “special healing.” Kristin Trzaska has purchased this lotion to fend off her students’ attempts to go see the nurse. Whenever a student complains of a mysterious locked jaw or leg cramp, Trzaska looks them square in the eye and says with a soft tone, “Go get some special healing lotion.” Students happily skip off to squirt some Jergens onto the “afflicted” body part. You can buy Jergens “healing lotion” at your local Wal-Mart.


#3 “Let’s see how you feel after….”

An old tried-and-true staple of teacher responses to students wanting to go to the nurse is, “Let’s see how you feel after lunch/recess/art/(insert your own next activity here).” Often students’ legs and other body parts will mysteriously heal themselves while they are running around outside at recess. Problem solved.


#4 “I’m sorry.”

Part of the appeal of the nurse is the attention received during the visit. Therefore, when students tell 3rd grade teacher Sarah Stephanoff that something hurts, she replies, “I’m sorry,” in a simple, quick display of sympathy. If students remain waiting expectantly in front of you waiting for those magical words, “You may go to the nurse,” just move to the next activity and they will be forced to move on as well.



#5 “Get a wet paper towel.”

It is amazing all the ailments that a wet paper towel can heal. Headaches. Objects in eyes. Insect bites. Sore knees, ankles, elbows, shoulders, etc. A wet paper towel is a good in-class remedy for any and all injuries.




Some of your students will genuinely need to visit the nurse throughout the course of the year. Of course, those students should be promptly dispatched to visit her. As a teacher though, you have acquired a special set of skills for distinguishing the truly sick children from the fakers. Use this list with the latter.





List Article

 Martha Vest


5 Encouraging Things To Say When Witnessing to Strangers


What do you say to a stranger when you feel SO led to share Christ?  You know that tugging on your heart, that “knowing” that the Lord wants to use you right then to speak to that harried mother or that lonely man in the checkout lane.


But what do you say that will draw them to Him and not repel them from you and every other weird church person they’ve encountered??


These work—


  1. “Excuse me.  May I tell you something important? The Lord Jesus asked me to pray for you and I have been doing that, asking Him to bless you in every area.”


Who can resist someone praying blessings on them? Also, the Name Jesus has been given but not shoved down their throat.



  1. “I felt so strongly that the Lord wanted me to tell you some Good News.  May I share what He wants you to know?”



 Mentioning “Good News” softens them.  This helps them not to bristle or fear that He is preparing to attack them for their sin.



  1. “The Lord wants you to know that He loves you, that He is absolutely wild about you, that wants you to know and understand His Love for you.”


  They are so relieved at this point that your message is Love and not hell and damnation.  For many-most, this is incredible that the Creator of the Universe Loves them.  Further softening.



  1. “God is not out to get you.  He is out for you to get Him.  He knows all your stuff from beginning to end, and you know what?  He just loves you completely.”



 This reminds them that they really can’t hide from God, no matter how hard they have tried.  Truth is known, but God is still reaching for them.



  1. “Father God wants me to give you something.  May I give you this little booklet that explains His love for you along with this little gift from Him?”






        Most people will accept the tract now and be amazed that a stranger is giving them a useful small gift.  At this point, ask their first name and promise to pray more for them.




Be prepared for strange looks and shocked expressions.


But also be prepared for tears and shy hugs!


My Mentor text is the side bar in each PEOPLE issue that shows you what to watch on television that week!

As teachers, we want our students to see us as “readers”! This isn’t hard; we are constantly reading throughout the year. Study Driven by Katie Wood Ray, Old Yeller and Where the Red Fern Grows are favorites. I personally enjoy reading The Cay and making my voice sound like I think Timothy’s would. I am sure your and my favorite though would have to be that red book with black writing: The TAM. (Who needs Ambien with this available?) While we do make ourselves evident readers throughout the year, we also need to take time to read for pleasure away from a mandated 20 minutes a day. What better time do we have than summer vacation?

Here are 4 reads that I think anyone who calls themselves a reader would enjoy:

  1. The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Any woman who calls herself a Southerner should read this book. If I were the author, I would kick back and enjoy the ride this one was going to give me. It is a story of Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement. African American maids spend their lives in the home of these White people. They raise the babies from the day they are born only to have them turn on them once they see the difference. The woman that they once loved more than their mother is now the enemy.


  1.  The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom 

No one expects to die without accomplishing everything they planned to, much less in a freak accident. Eddie does. The story, by Mitch Albom tells a story of the first moments upon reaching Heaven. There is nothing too spiritual about the story, but it does make one contemplate what they did on Earth. The story is not one to make you cry sappy tears, but you may not want to put this book down.


  1. The Last Song, Dear John, A Walk to Remember or any other book Nicholas Sparks has had turned into a box office hit.

If you choose to read any of these, there are a couple of things you should be warned of. First off, this stuff doesn’t happen in real life even if they can make a movie about it. Don’t get too excited. Secondly, Even if you don’t consider yourself sappy or a hopeless romatic, you will cry. Possibly an ugly cry where you can’t breathe and your husband thinks you are dying or leaving him. And finally, you will find it necessary that you go straight to the Red Box and get the movie only to discover what you have been telling your kids all along; “Read the book, it is better!”


  1. PEOPLE Magazine

Between August and May, PEOPLE comes to my mailbox. It is more often used as a coaster than reading material. During the summer, I am always up to date on what I consider accurate celebrity gossip. Whether you admit it or not, you want to know that the Duggars are having baby number 30 and whether or not Angelina and Brad used the bathroom 7 or 8 times on any given day. If PEOPLE isn’t your magazine of choice, choose anything. It is an easy read and is for you!


These are 4 starting points for any burned out teacher about the first week of June. If you don’t choose these, just choose something!

                                                                Lori Milan



My mentor text was an article in the magazine Colorful Places titled "4 Tasty Trips". It discussed places to visit based on the good food those places have to offer :) I tried to use bold words, instead of colors, to distinguish my headings. I also tried to offer some background knowledge about the food and Italy.

Top Five Things to Eat and Drink in Naples, Italy

(in no particular order)

Recommendations By: Amber Pitts

In 2005 I had the privilege of doing my student teaching on a naval base in Naples Italy. While there I indulged in Italian food and culture and enjoyed every second of it. These are some recommendations I offer you if you ever plan to visit the beautiful city of Naples!


1. Gelato, Ice Cream’s European Cousin: My favorite of all treats in Italy! Gelato is the cousin to our American ice cream, similar yet different. It is much creamier and seems to melt in your mouth. I recommend Baci, a favorite hazelnut candy, which means kiss in Italian. Just remember, in the Gelato shop you pay for your ice cream first and then choose your flavor.


2. Pizza Pie: Pizza in Italy, need I say more? You can choose from multitudes of toppings to go with the fresh cheese and soft dough. Some of my favorites while there were prosciutto and eggplant. When looking for a pizza restaurant, choose one that has a white sign with a chef throwing dough. These restaurants still use starter dough from hundreds of years ago.


3. Bountiful Beverages: Limoncello is an alcoholic drink offered after dinner to help digest your food better. The lemon trees and orange trees grow on the sidewalks here so what better way to end supper than with a shot of citrus. I also recommend the wine. It sits in pitchers on tables like the complimentary water offered at restaurants in the States.


4. Fresh Caught Seafood: The city of Naples is surrounded by the Bay of Naples and fresh seafood is abundant here. You can order it at many of the restaurants and also buy your own on the docks. Seafood here is also reasonably priced since it is so abundant.


5. Caprese Salad: This is usually served as an appetizer at most restaurants. It is made from fresh tomatoes, basil leaves, mozzarella di bufala (buffalo mozzarella) cheese and drizzled with olive oil. The mozzarella di bufala is a taste on its own. It is a cheese made from milk of the water buffalo. 


Kimbery Trott’s List Article


                            The Twenty Best Flowering Plants I Have Ever Purchased


1.  Oak Leaf Hydrangea- Massive in height and flower heads, massive decorative leaves, follow pruning directions for hydrangeas, some shade.

2.  Mexican Petunia- Compact and clumping, beautiful purple flowers spread profusely, full sun.

3.  Vitex-Chaste-tree- Wow! Favorite of all time, tree or hedge, large purple spikes, full sun, fragrant, cut it like it were a crepe myrtle, hard to kill, dry soil a plus.

4.  Flowering Almond- A beauty, pink flowers, look like roses, any soil.

5.  Ms. Huff’s Lantana- Wow! All time favorite, orange-red buds, or purple-white buds, poor soil, full sun, and massive amounts of flowers all summer, 4 to 6feet tall.

6.  Giant Liriope- Flowering, extra large version of liriope, 24-36 inches tall, purple spikes, full sun.

7.  Rudbeckia Goldsturm- Wow, striking yellow and black colors, perinnial, spreading, full sun. 

8.  Lavender- A favorite, delicate purple tufted flower tops, soft leaves, spreading habit, fragrant, perennial, some shade.

9.  Wisteria- Classic flowering vine, vigorous growth, purple or white grape-like cluster flower heads, poor soils are great, especially sandy soil, full sun.

10.  Vinca- Hardy, full sun, spread profusely, 12 inches in height, red, pink, purple, fuchsia, purple and white varieties.

11.  Morning Glory Vine- Beautiful vine, full sun, crisp purple color

12.  Passion Flower Vine- Exotic, beautiful and unusual, good drainage and adequate water, full sun, unique seed pods form on the flower, a unique and wonderful vine.

13.  Zinnia- Easiest to grow seed flower, wonderful vivid color varieties, cut flower varieties available, full sun, carnation looking flower head.

14.  Crepe Myrtle- Indestructible, beautiful bark, full sun, and control the height by pruning, beautiful showing flower heads in a variety of colors, small leaf varieties tend to look better, less drooping of the limbs.

15.  Agapanthus- Bulb, full sun, incredible two to three foot single spiked purple flower with a massive globe shape head.

16.  Kwanzan Cherry Tree- Incredible beautiful pink carnation looking flowers, short lived flowers.

17.  Dogwood Tree- Classic beauty in any color, a four leaf striking beauty of a flower that must be seen to appreciate, some shade.

18.  Mimosa Tree- A true love, heavenly dark pink flowers that remind one of angel wings, leaves fold in when touched.

19.  Gardenia- Spectacularly white aromatic flowers, large and small shrub styles. 

20.  Paniculata Hydrangea- Impressive small, round, and compact flower heads the size of baseballs.



Mentor Text: Parents Magazine May 2010 AN article titled "9 Ways to Improve Your Memory"


1.Article begins with an anecdote of why the author has deemed this a worthy topic.

2.Title has a subtitle: "Even the busiest mom can incorporate them into her life, and they really do work."

3.Each point is numbered and in color

4. Each point has 1-2 paragraph explanation

5. First sentence in each point is some witticism.

6. Each point quotes an expert, Ph.D., author, or M.D.

7. Embedded in each article are memory tricks for common forgetfulness, keys, parking spot, dates.

8. Each point relates to the audience in some way, common experiences.

9. Each point has a YOU CAN DO IT in bold text within paragraph of text.

10. Article ends with an 'as for me...' testimonial.


My personal list article does not follow this exactly. The points I DO use are:

Each of my points has an explanation.

Each of my points has a validation(Scripture verse or reference)

Each of my points attempts to relate to my audience in common experiences, as well.


                                                                   Five Things to Believe after Divorce



      Hurricane season lasts from May until October of each year. The southeastern US braces for possible onslaught as storms are tracked through the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. It is easy to see when a storm has been through. Even though the sun is shining brightly, the debris remaining resembles a war zone. Survival of a hurricane’s raging force seems unlikely, yet thousands live to tell of their experiences. People return to their former homes to claim a few salvageable memories. Comforted by family and friends, people band together, clinging to relationships instead of possessions. People rebuild and move on. Nature’s storms are visible, detectable by mere observation.


      Other storms are more frequent, indiscriminate of location, and invisible to the naked sees the aftermath. When a family breaks up emotional upheaval ebbs and flows; men and women wonder if there will ever be a brighter day. The sun does not shine as quickly as it does after a hurricane. Relationships with family and friends splinter like the furniture strewn across the front lawn. Survivors of both storms will tell you piecing your life back together is not easy. Yet when hearts feel hopeless and prospects of restoration are gone, we can still believe. Believe that God is still God and never changes. THIS is where hope remains and restoration begins. After surviving the storm, there are five things I believe that helped me heal.




#1 God STILL loves me.


     Satan uses our own feelings of guilt, failure, and inadequacies tempting us to withdraw from fellowship with God and other believers. We may feel unworthy of love and forgiveness. Yet Scriptures tell us, “Nothing can separate us from the love of God.” Thankfully, nothing we do removes us from His love. God’s love is stronger and more enduring than human love, even when we sin.




#2 God loves my ex-spouse just as much as He loves me.


     God does not play favorites. God hates the break-up of families regardless of circumstances. There are no high places at the foot of the cross that place me closer to forgiveness than anyone else. Scriptures tell us before we can be forgiven, we must forgive others. Resolve to pray for your ex-spouse’s forgiveness, health, prosperity, and spiritual needs. Pray for any intimate detail of which you are aware. God will bless you for having the same heart for your spouse as He does. It isn’t a condescension or attitude of superiority, but genuine concern for another human being to whom you have been intimately related. It is imperative that we come to terms with this fact. Accepting this fact includes a willingness to abandon whatever plans we held for our future, our children, our homes, and even careers. Resolve to abandon your plan for His, regardless of where it may lead you.








#3 God can protect me.

     Fear abounds after divorce. Fear of being alone. Fear of financial ruin. Fear of wrong relationships. Fear of physical harm or illness. Fear of making the same mistakes again. If your greatest desire is to honor God, seek Him. In all your ways acknowledge Him; He will direct your path. Seek Him first and all these [things] will be added unto you. Actions have consequences, but past mistakes do not relegate us to condemnation and failure. Philippians 4:19 says “Our God will supply all of our needs through our riches in Christ Jesus.”




#4 God can restore my joy.


     Divorce brings tears, guilt, remorse, and agonizing regrets. The desire to withdraw from human contact is overwhelming at times. Severe depression threatens to swallow ambition, purpose, and hope. Many of us feel we can only give God our joyful gratitude. At times like this, we feel all we have is pain and sorrow. Give THOSE to Him, too! Jesus has said," Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest." The heart of a divorcee is just such a heavy-laden-heart. Learning to survive and remain pliable in the hands of the Omnipotent Creator is the beginning of joy returning.




#5 God can use you.


     Because of God’s Creative Power He CAN use anyone He chooses. There will be someone who needs encouragement from you. There will be someone who needs to hear you testify that Jesus loves with an incomprehensible force. That His all-consuming love can and will overcome any obstacle we face. In the midst of life’s storms they will need to know Jesus is real, He is a Friend, the only Redeemer, the Strong Tower, the Shelter and Fortress, the Guide and Companion. He is the only Way, Truth, and Life. Cling to that belief and He will do the rest.




List article

by Kim Sutherland




Is your marriage struggling or are you taking your spouse for granted?  To me, it is important to always look for ways to enhance your marriage and nurture a marriage.  In my case, my husband and I came up with these 5 suggestions to improve a marital relationship.




Be yourself and accept who you are and have confidence. You can only change YOURSELF! You CANNOT change your spouse.



Say your feelings, concerns or comments.  Mean what you say and say what you mean respectfully.


3.Quality Time

Get involved with what interest your spouse. Ex. learn a few sports facts or learn a few girly things. Allot time to be together. Plan a date time.


4. Work Together

Help your spouse in the yard or kitchen.  Be a team player with chores and the children.


5. Give and Take

Don't expect to get your way all the time. Compromise and understand each other. 


I came up with this top 5 list for my husband and I.  It does work if you follow or implement it.  TRY IT!!!



Kim Sutherland's 4th Grade Class List Article Unit of Study Student Writing and Reflection


( See email for student list articles) 






When I started the list article study, we first identified what a list article is and I showed the students a sample of one.  I read it aloud and discussed what information the article had, why maybe the author would write this type of article.  Students then were so excited about this type of writing, and immediately began talking about what kind of list article they would like to write. Then, we dug into various Kids National Geographic Magazines and a few other titles some students brought in from home.  I gave each student a pad of sticky notes to mark an article when they found one. Each student had to find 3 list articles.    The next day, we analyzed what each article was about, how it was arranged, etc.  The students were so into this genre more than most of the others.  (See noticing chart for some of the titles they found) Samples are given. 

*** Next year when I introduce list articles, I need to make sure students give a lead into what led them to write a specific list article.  They need somewhat of an introduction which is one thing you (Dawn) mentioned to me on my list article feedback, so I went back and added somewhat of a purpose for the idea.  As you will see in my students examples, I didn’t stress that with my students so, therefore, they jumped right into the list article without any introduction just like I did initially. 







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