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Units of Study:  Feature Articles

Page history last edited by Sarah Stephanoff 13 years, 12 months ago

This page is to share the suggested list of feature articles discussed in class and to provide a space for us to add to this list collaboratively.  *Please add your first and last name and the title and author of your text with your post. Please also add a picture if available and a hyperlink to the page where we could order the book online if we choose to.


Feature Articles Text Set 

by Sarah Stephanoff


Ranger Rick May cover Ranger Rick

I specifically used an article entitled “Oh Gross: Dead skin, barf, poop – the truth about some animal meals can be pretty hard to swallow.” This article was all about how some animals eat disgusting things. I used this article to introduce my students to the concept of a feature article because it fit the definition of being both informative and engaging. I scanned the article so students could follow along while I read from the Promethean Board. Since the article was longer, we took a few days to read all of it.


CLICK Magazine

Click magazine

I specifically used an article called “Eating in Space.” This article was also highly engaging and informative. I chose this article to highlight that feature articles can be about more topics than just animals. Click magazine is also written at a lower reading level than Ranger Rick which made it more accessible for my struggling readers.


Sports Illustrated for Kids


Magazine CoverTime for Kids


Scholastic News  Gr. 2Scholastic News


ASK MagazineAsk magazine


YBB_MAY10_FC_170x222Your Big Backyard


Feature Articles Content Specific Unit on Travel

By Heather Yordy


Lonely Planet home  Lonely Planet Magazine 

Recommended by: Heather Yordy

I used several feature articles from this magazine for my mentor text set for my unit of study.  There were different types of articles to really show them the variety of feature articles.  A great magazine for travel brochures or feature articles!


AAA.com  aaa.com - Go Magazine

Recommended by: Heather Yordy

Another great resource for feature articles that I used with my class.  A lot of information in varying styles - yet all feature articles!


Sunset Cover April 2010 Sunset Magazine


  Southern Living Magazine


Envisioning Units of Study Presentation Yordy.pptx


*Feature Articles Content Specific Unit on the Winter Olympics



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