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Unit of Study:  List Articles

Page history last edited by Kim Sutherland 13 years, 11 months ago

This page is to share the suggested list of list articles discussed in class and to provide a space for us to add to this list collaboratively.  *Please add your first and last name and the title and author of your text with your post. Please also add a picture if available and a hyperlink to the page where we could order the book online if we choose to.


List Articles Text Set


Product DetailsFamily Fun Magazine recommended by Dawn Mitchell.  List Articles are everywhere in this family friendly magazine.  Here are a few I found helpful as a model for writing and as a reader. "Tidying Tips" from My Great Idea - Inspired Tips and Creative Strategies From Our Readers - a regular column in Familyi Fun magazine.  April 2010 edition.  In this same edition is another list article in their fitness section titled, "5 ways to..foster a healthy body image".  Also there is another list article called "Secrets of Organized Homes" that uses a list structure to provide the reader with specific tips to organize certain areas of the house such as Kitchen Table and Counters, "Computer Area", "Sports Gear Zone", etc.  Also in this same edition is a list article devoted to "Our Favorite Board Games" where the writer provides the reader with a list of their top eight board games.


In this online magazine it gives an overview of different places that you can go camping and includes the attractions in each destination.  It lists places all over the world.



Recommended by Lori Milan Southern Living is a great place to find list articles. Two weeks ago, I was packing my mom's house to help her move. I decided to look through her old magazines before I threw them away. I was particularly looking for list articles. Of the 8 or so magazines that I flipped through, there was only 1 that didn't have a list article included. Southern Living is fabulous to share with readers of 5th 6th grade too, because they get it!! Even if it isn't interest, they understand what they are reading.


www.charlestonmag.com Recommended by Kelly Compton Charleston  "Charleston 101 defining moments that shaped our City".  I visited Charleston over Spring Break and cam across this article. This article list the 101 highlights that that have helped to make Charleston what it is today. 


Parents Magazine March 2010 coverParents Magazine

 Recommended by Lindsay Blanton.  Love, Love, Love this magazine!  Starting reading it once I had my own children and it always gives the best articles.  After studying list articles in class, I realized how many list articles could actually be in a single magazine.  LOTS!  Check out the March 2010 edition and find many, but my favorite list article in the 2010 Parents 10 Best Family Beach Resorts.  This time of year, we're thinking of summer travel and this article lists the top 10 places for families. 



 Woman's Day Cover Apr 01, 2010

                              Woman's Day Magazine

Recommended by Martha Vest.  Love this magazine.  I enjoy reading this Woman's Day while exercising on the elliptical machine.  During this time, I need large glossy pictures and lots of list articles and this delivers!

Woman's Day is filled each month with list articles on child rearing, food and recipes, exercise moves, beauty tips, and health articles on everything. In particular, I studied and read and reread the list article on "Getting Your Man to Take Care of Himself".  I've been frustrated for years about loved ones, and this was just enough to motivate me to motivate them.



 Get Self and Allure for one low price! Subscribe Now!


Self Magazine


Recommended by Kim Sutherland. I love to read this magazine for pleasure because it definitely targets women who "dream" of obtaining these nice young bodies. (pre-children)  haha This magazine features many topics for women from weight,and many top 10 list.  This magazine is an easy read too. 


 Sports Illustrated 1/18/2010

Amber McDonald

This particular magazine was filled with list articles. I was surprised to find that even with a "boy" magazine it had some great articles in it, things that were interesting to me. There were list articles for next season's top 10 picks for teams and then there was a neat list article on Second Chance Stars. This told of 10-12 kids who transferred from particular colleges to better themselves and their careers. Great way to reach reluctant readers!!!!


Go to fullsize image  Prevention Magazine recommended by Heather Yordy - for my noticings chart in class I found the article "6 Calorie Cutters to Fight Fat" in Prevention Magazine Online, March 2010.  There are TONS of list articles in this magazine and online.



 Product DetailsGood Housekeeping Magazine recommended by Bonnie Cumbo is an excellent resource for finding list articles.  Most list articles are written to show the reader how to do something or how to improve their life.   The articles feature healthy living, beauty, parenting, relationships, marraige, and much more. 



Product DetailsGood Housekeeping Magazine recommended by Cammie Price.   Good Housekeeping is full of self help/improvement list articles. I read "Look Great for Less' that lists 5 steps to follow when buying beauty supplies. It gives store names and prices that are helpful.


 O, The Oprah Magazine (2-year) The Oprah Magazine  recommended by Joan Green.  Lots of list articles about everything you can imagine.  In the March 2010 publication, there were list articles on book titles to watch for, how to give your home office a make-over, web-sites "with all the answers," and ways to live your life with less stress.



 The How Rude! Handbook of School Manners for Teens: Civility in the Hallowed Halls (The How Rude! Handbooks for Teens)    The How Rude! Handbook of School Manners for Teens by: Alex J. Packer, Ph.D

Recommended by Kimberly Barnette  I loved this cute book.  This book could also be good for a multigenre book.  There is everything from lists, Top 10 list, advice colomns, the do's and don't's.  Overall cute book for junior high students. 


 desibbrg.net/imghost/out.php?i=142689_CarAndDriver.JPG           Car and Driver Magazine recommended by Kimberly Trott 

I don't order alot of magazines anymore because I'm trying to be more planet friendly but this has always been a favorite of mine.  If I see it in a stack of magazines in a doctor's office this is the one I look through.  There are always list articles in the magazine.  Top car lists, best value lists etc..

Go to fullsize image  Consumer Reports recommended by Kimberly Trott

This is the one magazine that I think of when I think of list articles.  The entire magazine is a list of best buys in consumer products. 


Woman's World recommended by Renee Phiillips



Just like most magazines this one is great for list articles that can be used with students. I like the cost and the use of bright photographs. Easy to check out in the grocery store line.


Kim Sutherland's 4th Grade Class List Article Unit of Study Mentor Texts


 National Geographic Kids - One Year Subscription: Magazine Cover          National Geographic Little Kids - One Year Subscription: Magazine Coverwww.nationalgeographicforkids.com


National Geographic Magazines recommended by Kim Sutherland

These magazines were great to find list articles. My students loved these because they are colorful and have great pictures and they are so kid friendly.  Many articles about animals, sports funnies, cool inventions, neat toys etc.  This is definitely a souce I will use in my class nex year.

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